Monroe County, Arkansas


The Treasurer writes and signs checks generated from claims issued by the County Clerk and approved by the County Judge indicating that the expenditure has been authorized by the Quorum Court. 

The Treasurer must keep an accurate and detailed account of all receipts and disbursements of the county (ACA 14-15-807). The Treasurer is required to make a monthly financial report to the Quorum Court on the fiscal condition of the county (ACA 14-20-105).

The County Treasurer is required to charge a two percent commission on all funds coming to his/her office. There are a few exceptions. No commission is allowed for the handling of borrowed money, money collected from insurance on losses, fire protection premium taxes (Act 833 funds for fire departments) and all non-revenue receipts, which is defined as reimbursement of all or a part of a payment made by a county (ACA 21-6-302, 6-17-908, 6-20-221, and 14-284-403). Also, the County Treasurer is allowed a smaller commission, 1/4 of 1%, on funds from school districts that employ their own treasurer (ACA 6-13-701) and 1/8 of 1% on funds from municipal improvement districts (ACA 14-90-913). The commission is not kept by the Treasurer but is intended to create a source of revenue accruing to the office from which the salary and operation of the office is paid. Any excess Treasurer's commission shall be redistributed to the various entities that were charged on a pro-rata basis (AG Opinion #78-112).

The collector is responsible for collecting all property taxes from the first day of March to the fifteenth day of October during the calendar year after they are assessed.  Any real or personal property taxes not paid by October 15 of each year are considered delinquent and the collector extends a 10% penalty against the taxpayer (ACA 26-36-201).  Before December 1 of each year, the collector prepares a list of delinquent property taxes and delivers the list to a legal newspaper for publication.  All lands upon which the taxes have not been paid for one (1) year following the date the taxes are due are forfeited to the State of Arkansas and transmitted by certification to the Commissioner of State Lands for collection or sale (ACA 26-37-101).

Contact information for the office

The Treasurer’s office is located on the second floor of the Monroe County Courthouse
Office hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (except holidays or posted closures)
Telephone numbers:  870-747-3722 (Treasurer)
Mailing address: Monroe County Collector, 123 Madison, Clarendon, AR 72029
Visit to access your current tax information or view prior year payments. Click on Free Public Search. No login or password needed.

Important Dates to Remember

March 1 – Tax books open and current year taxes can be paid after this date.
July 1 –  All tax statements have been mailed.  Contact our office if you do not receive your statement.
October 15 – Deadline for payment of current taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are my taxes calculated? Taxes are calculated by multiplying the "Taxable Value" (determined by the Assessor's Office) times the "Millage Rate" (excludes improvement tax, timber tax, or Assessor penalties).

What is a mill? A mill is one-tenth (1/10) of one cent.

Who is eligible for the tax "freeze" on real estate? You may be eligible if you are 65+ years old or if you are disabled. Check with the Assessor's Office.

What is a Homestead Credit? A homestead credit is a tax credit (up to $350) for any person that owns or is paying for their home. Check with the Assessor's Office to see if you meet the requirements for this credit.

Who is eligible for the DAV credit? If you are a 100% service connected disabled veteran, surviving spouse or minor dependent child you may be eligible. Form #20-5455 (Letter of eligibility) from the Department of Veterans Affairs is required each year to receive benefit.

When are tax statements mailed out? All tax statements are mailed in the spring. If you have not received a tax notice by July 1, contact the office. Just because you do not receive a tax statement, do not assume you do not owe taxes. It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to furnish the correct address for mailing.  If you have an escrow account, please check each year with the office to make sure your mortgage did pay your taxes and that they were paid on the correct parcel.

Who do I make my check payable to? Make your check payable to the Monroe County Tax Collector.

Will you mail me a paid receipt? A paid tax receipt will be mailed to you.  

What am I paying personal taxes on? Your current personal property taxes will be for the cars, trucks, boats, trailers, etc you assessed the previous year. When you make an assessment in the Assessor's Office, it creates a tax liability for you the following year. The collector gets the total personal assessed value. We cannot tell what you did or did not assess. Contact the Assessor's Office for the list of your personal property.

Why are my taxes higher this year than last year? You have to keep in mind that you are paying current taxes on what you owned last year. In your personal property, you may have traded vehicles or assessed additional vehicles or property that you did not assess before. If your real estate taxes went up, did you build a home on your property? Add a mobile home? Add a shop? Check with the Assessor's Office for your answers. As with personal property, the collector's office gets the value to charge to you. We do not know what is shown on your property.

Why do I have a Late Assessment penalty on my personal property tax bill? State law requires the Assessor's Office to add a 10% late assessment fee for anyone who assesses after the Assessment deadline of May 31st.

Why do I have to pay school taxes? I don't have any children in school. Our public school system is supported through taxes. This is regardless of whether you have children in school or not. The school millage is voted on each year in September. The majority of your tax payment will go to the school district in which you and your property are located.

I got my statement, but have misplaced it. Can I get another? Is there a charge? You can get a computer generated copy of any statement or receipt at any time. Let us know what you need and we will get it to you the fastest way possible. There is no charge for this service.

Do I have to pay my current taxes before I get or renew my car license? No. To get car tags, you cannot have delinquent taxes. This is why we check your taxes from two years ago - your current taxes are from one year ago and you have until October 15th to pay those.

What are the penalties if I cannot pay my taxes by the deadline? Immediately after the deadline, a 10% late payment penalty is added to all taxes that have not been paid. After the list of taxes that are not paid has been published in the newspaper (as required by law), a 10% per annum interest fee, a $2.50 redemption fee and a $1.50 advertising fee will be added to each delinquent real estate parcel. An advertising fee of $1.75 will be added to each personal property parcel. Please note: ONLY cash or money order will be accepted for delinquent personal property taxes. Checks will be accepted for payment of all other delinquent taxes. Please call the office for the amount due before you mail in any payments. All payments short of the amount due will be returned to the writer for the total amount due. We will not apply your payment and bill you for the remaining amount due.

If I don't pay my real estate taxes, can I lose my property? Yes. If your real estate taxes are delinquent for two years, your property will be deeded to the State Land Commissioner's Office. If you do not pay the taxes due for an additional two years after that, the Commissioner will come into the county and sell your property for market value (not taxes due) at public auction.

Can anyone buy property at this public auction? Yes. Go to the Land Commissioner's website for more information.

Millage Breakdown

Brinkley City:            Brinkley School District                          35.9
                                   Brinkley City                                             2.8                                                                                         
                                   Brinkley Police Pension                            0.4
                                   Brinkley Fire Pension                                0.4
                                   Brinkley City Streets                                 1.5
                                   County General                                          5.0
                                   County Road                                             1.5
                                   County Library                                          0.4
                                   Total                                                        47.9                                                                   

Brinkley Rural:          Brinkley School District                          35.9
                                   County General                                        5.0
                                   County Road                                            3.0
                                   County Library                                         0.4
                                   Total                                                     44.3                                                     

Clarendon City:         Clarendon School District                       35.9
                                   Clarendon City                                         5.0
                                   Clarendon Police Pension                         0.4
                                   Clarendon Fire Pension                            0.4
                                   Clarendon City Streets                             1.5
                                   County General                                        5.0
                                   County Road                                            1.5
                                   County Library                                         0.4
                                   Total                                                      50.1     

Clarendon Rural:       Clarendon School District                         35.9
                                   County General                                          5.0
                                   County Road                                             3.0
                                   County Library                                          0.4
                                   Total                                                       44.3     

Holly Grove City:      Clarendon School District                         35.9
                                   Holly Grove City                                        5.0
                                   Holly Grove Police Pension                        0.4
                                   Holly Grove Fire Pension                           0.4
                                   Holly Grove City Streets                            1.5
                                   County General                                         5.0
                                   County Road                                            1.5
                                   County Library                                         0.4
                                   Total                                                     50.1     

Holly Grove Rural:    Clarendon School District                      35.9
                                   County General                                       5.0
                                   County Road                                          3.0
                                   County Library                                       0.4
                                   Total                                                    44.3                                                     

Cotton Plant Rural:    Augusta School District                         32.5
                                   County General                                      5.0
                                   County Road                                          3.0
                                   County Library                                       0.4
                                   Total                                                   40.9     

Marvell Rural:           Marvell School District                        33.0
                                   County General                                     5.0
                                   County Road                                         3.0
                                   County Library                                      0.4
                                   Total                                                  41.4                                                     

Roe City:                    Clarendon School District                    35.9
                                   Roe City                                              1.7
                                   Roe City Streets                                  1.5
                                   County General                                   5.0
                                   County Road                                       1.5
                                   County Library                                    0.4
                                   Total                                                46.0                                                     

Roe Rural:                  Clarendon School District                  35.9
                                   County General                                   5.0
                                   County Road                                       3.0
                                   County Library                                    0.4
                                   Total                                                 44.3                                                     

Wheatley Rural:         Palestine-Wheatley School District      36.8
                                   County General                                     5.0
                                   County Road                                        3.0
                                   County Library                                      0.4
                                   Total                                                   45.2