Monroe County, Arkansas


Elected Official/Office

Larry Taylor/Monroe County Judge’s Office

Employee Names/Titles

Martha Meredith/Secretary
Christy Caskey/9-1-1 Coordinator

Duties of Employees

The secretary oversees the daily operations of the Judge’s office, maintains county road files, and produces and maintains FEMA worksheets during natural disasters, which are necessary for the county to receive federal disaster assistance.

The 9-1-1 Coordinator oversees the daily operations of the 9-1-1 system for Monroe County, as well as creating and maintaining road and address maps.

Contact information for the office

Address:717 N. 11th St., Clarendon, AR 72029
Phone:    Judge’s office: (870)747-3921
              9-1-1 Administration: (870)747-5554
Fax:       (870)747-5910

Calendar information (events, dates, deadlines, etc.)

Quorum Court meetings – second Monday of each month, 7pm
Court members:

District 1 - Shannon Lewis

District 2 - Jeff Lovell

District 3 - Mike Freeman

District 4 - Michael Edwards

District 5 - Bob Kemmer

District 6 - Robert Kelly

District 7 - Tommy Simpson

District 8 - Doug Mayhue

District 9 - Franklin Davis